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Russell Hobbs Steam Power Black Steam Generator Iron 24420

Russell Hobbs

In stock


In stock

Do you find ironing a chore? Does your ironing pile feel like a never ending tower? Then you’ll love the Steam Power Steam Generator that lets you effortlessly whizz through even the biggest laundry piles. Whether you’re ironing out the crumples in your little ones school uniform or you’re smoothing out the deep set wrinkles in your denim jeans, this steam generator with its powerful puffs of steam makes sure you can easily glide over every material with ease.


Anti Calc System

You’ll no longer have to worry about repeatedly washing your steam generator as it comes with a special calc cleaning system that’s designed to filter and purify the water on its way into the tank. This cleaning system reduces lime scale build-up and helps to stop it entering the tank to keep your Steam Power Generator as good as new.

Stainless Steel Non-Stick Plate

With a non-stick coating covering the irons plate, blitzing your way through your ironing should be a breeze. And we’ve even made sure that the Steam Power Steam Generator has a strong stainless steel plate that can withstand the powerful puffs of steam needed to make your ironing experience effortless.

90g Steam Output

We know that tackling those deep set wrinkles can take up a lot of your time – with an impressive 90g steam output that adds moisture to the fabric and makes it easier to iron, the Steam Power Steam Generator is ready to smooth away even the toughest creases and crinkles with complete ease.

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Russell Hobbs


Russell Hobbs


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